Day and Night Time Safari 

Day Time Safari Programs - Of the many attractions in store for visitors, the daytime safaris are sure to provide an unsurpassed experience for nature lovers. 

Minnariya National Park  |  USD 54  [Excludes entrance fees to the park]
This safari program is designed to give the guests an opportunity to observe a variety of animals from elephants to peacocks among other fauna and flora endemic to Sri Lanka. The journey into the Minneriya national park will last around 03 hours and covers about 30 kilometers

Kaudulla National Park  |  USD 54  [Excludes entrance fees to the park]
Kaudulla National Park is famous for its elephant sightings and bird watching throughout the year. In this safari, visitors will come across a variety of animals. The experience itself will leave you wanting to return over and over again. Along with Minneriya and Girithale Birdlife Parks, Kaudulla National Park has been identified internationally as an important place for birds, especially during the migrating period. The journey will take you about 30 kilometers around the premises and will last about 03 hours. 

Within 2.5 hours drive (60 miles):

Sigiriya, considered by some to be the ‘eighth wonder of the world’, is a world heritage site displaying one of the best-preserved examples of ancient urban planning in the world. Whilst the original palace built by King Kasyapa is no longer standing, visitors can still traverse the 1200 step (approximately but please count them for us!) ascent to the top of the granite rock to explore the ruins and the expansive views. If a long walk isn’t your forte, visitors can still enjoy the maintained ancient gardens of the lower palace, gaze upon the remaining paw of the Lion’s Gate sculpture, or examine the remaining unique frescoes from a lost citadel.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
Within 5 minutes drive:
The other bank of the Ma Oya River, opposite the hotel is home to the Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Elephant orphanage, which since 1975, has been home to orphaned elephants found in the wilds of Sri Lanka. Within 5 minutes, visitors can explore the sanctuary and its growing herd, witness the bathing of the herd in the river, and if you’re lucky, even get to feed one of the herd’s younger members by bottle.


Ma Oya Retreat has a very special location between Colombo and Kandy, which allows our visitors  access to some extraordinary cultural sites and attractions. When booking a stay at Ma Oya Retreat, please feel free to contact us with your particular interests so that we can help organise bespoke tours (with vehicle rental and designated driver).  Our aim is to organise activities that help you get the most from your visit.  We list below some examples of what you might be interested in:

Within 2 hours drive (20miles):
One of the last kingdoms of Sri Lanka, the country’s second largest city, is steeped in cultural and historical significance, combining a sense of tradition with modern values. The city is home to the Sri Dalada Maligawa, and highlights include the famous Esala Perahara, which winds through the city in August. If you’d like to explore our Sri Lankan culture further, please talk to our staff, and we’d be happy to arrange viewings of traditional Kandyan dancing, as well as other aspects, such as guided visits of tea factories, or an insight into our gem industry as part of tours of this UNESCO world heritage site.  . On the way you will see the picturesque mountains and stop for coup of Tea or a fresh fruit juice.
Kandy-Sri Dalada Maligawa
The Temple of the Tooth Relic is situated in the middle of the city, by the impressive Kandy Lake, and is the sacred place of worship to Buddhists around the world. Outside of its religious significance, the temple was also home to the royal palaces and bathing houses. In the modern era, a museum open to the public displays historical artefacts from one of Sri Lanka’s prominent kingdoms. Our staff can help to arrange guided tours of the temple when you visit.
Kandy-Royal Botanical Gardens
With historical roots as far as the 18th century (and potentially further still), the 147 acres of botanical gardens have been an attraction to tourists  for decades save for its time as the home of the British South East Asia Command, led by Lord Mountbatten, during the second world war. Situated just a few kilometres outside Kandy, visitors can stroll through the park enjoying a variety of flora, walk through the Avenue of Palms, or admire the world renowned collection housed in the orchid house.  Meet world famous Temple Monkeys
Dambulla-The Golden Temple
Within 2 hours drive (55 miles):
Dambulla, one of the larger towns in central province, host to the largest cave temple in Sri Lanka. This world heritage site contains some of the best preserved ancient buildings, and caves on site, as well as admire the golden Buddha statue found downhill of the temple itself.
Pinnawala Open Zoo

Within 5 minutes drive:

A new attraction to the area, which was opened in 2015, the Pinnawela Zoo, is within 15 minutes from the hotel grounds. Splitting the park into an endemic ‘Sri Lanka’ and a ‘World’ section, the open air design of the park allows visitors to view animals in all their natural splendour, and provides an experience that visitors of all ages can enjoy. The ever growing range of attractions includes a viewing area for the majestic Sri Lankan Leopard, giving visitors a chance to view one of the rarer sights of Sri Lanka’s diverse fauna.